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Fluid Agitators

Chemtech design industrial mixers and agitators to suit all fluid mixing applications and have a range of agitators to suit all fluid mixing duties covering all industries - Food, brewery, pharmaceutical, water treatment, chemical etc........ Chemtech industrial agitators' and mixers' powers range from 0.18 kw to 75 kw

Chemtech Industrial mixers can supply gate agitators, helical ribbon mixers and contra rotating mixers as well as the standard turbine, dual turbine and propeller mixers. Chemtech industrial fluid mixers can be finished to suit the clients' requirements albeit a mirror polished hygienic finish or a dull chemical finish.

Typical Chemtech Fluid Mixers Range

  • Turbine mixers
  • Homogenisers and emulsifiers
  • Side entry
  • Gate mixers
  • Contra rotating mixers
  • Ribbon mixers

Chemtech have a range of high shear mixers, emulsifiers & homogenisers and can supply the high shear homogenisers / emulsifiers to be both top or bottom entering. Chemtech high shear emulsifiers & homogenisers can be fitted with various combinations of rotors & stators to compliment the process requirements. Bottom entry high shear emulsifiers / homogenisers can be fitted with the client's preferred seal and motor to give the ideal high shear homogeniser / emulsifier.

Whether it is turbine mixers, high shear emulsifiers or homogenisers Chemtech will supply the correct solution every time - guaranteed. Standard turbines and impellers can be supplied separately if required. Turbines, shafts & wetted parts can be manufactured in exotic material such a hastelloy etc..