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Chemical Blenders

Manufacturer & Exporter of Blenders. Our product range also comprises of Ointment Manufacturing Plants, Liquid Manufacturing Plants and Liquid Oral Manufacturing Plants.

Double Cone Blender

The Double Cone Blender is a conventional mixer suitable for dry powder mixing. These mixer is suitable for mixing a number of powders in varied proportions to obtain uniform output.



The mixer basically consists of two conical portions and a center cylindrical shell. The cone blenders provided with fixed baffles inside the drum. The double cone blender is an highly efficient machine for powder / powder mixing. The main drum is coupled to suitable motor through a oil filled gear box mounted on a sturdy frame structure. Highest capacity models are provided with butterfly valve on one side.


An optional charging hopper of 60 Ltrs capacity is provided with suitable clamping arrangement for charging the material into the drum.The double cone blenders are available from 5 kgs of R&D purposes to 500 Kgs for larger scale productions.