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Centrifugal Feeders

Chemtech Industrial Equiments  are Manufactures and Suppliers Centrifugal feeders.Our proficiency and experience allow us to handle complex applications effectively.By using robust tooling practices, our machines offer “hands off” gentle parts handling that reduces downtime and increases productivity. Our centrifugal feeders are used to serve a broad range of industries from automotive and medical to assembly and packaging.What customers of Hoosier Feeder Company have come to expect include flexible lead times, custom designs for each application, equipment designed for long term operation, administrative support, and following thru with delivery commitments. Through our highly trained domestic and international field representatives, we provide the highest quality of timely support.

» Our centrifugal feeders produce high feed rates which increases productivity
» Our rotary operations are generally noiseless and allow gentle handling of parts
» Even the most complicated part can be oriented and sorted out efficiently by our centrifugal feeders Gentle and smooth functioning of feeders virtually ensures that product does not get damaged
» Lower part recirculation, flexible feed ranges, and improved product changeover times are some of the other noteworthy features of our centrifugal feeders
» We offer adjustable tooling to feed multiple parts in the same system with positive adjustment features that insure repeatability

Vibex Technologies specializes in Centrifugal Bowl Feeders. We offer a wide variety of centrifugal feeders to suit all of your feeding needs.

» Solid state control
» Standard and custom design – 100% reliable
» Photo optic sensors
» Assembly capability
» Dual centrifugal feeders for double feed rate
» Shuttle escapements for sorting parts during orientation
» Pharmaceutical and clean room applications
» FDA-approved standards
» High-speed bottle feeders
» Cap feeder