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Chemical Collectors

The Chemical Collectors are fabricated out of mild steel as well as non corrosive material depending on the material to be collected. A Chemical Collector System manufactured by us is also known as Industrial Chemical Collector.

The working principle of the Chemical Collector System is, Chemical laden air is made to pass through special filter media and the Chemical is accumulated in the filters media and clean air is exhausted. The filter media is stitched in the form of tubes. The Chemical from the filter media is removed by manual/Mechanical shaking or self cleaning (reverse pulse jet). The filter materials are made up of acrylic polyester, polyester needle felt, polypropylene nylon, Terylene etc. The antistatic provision shall be made depending on the application. Due to strong vision & high demand of our products from every nook & corner of the country, we, amongst leading Chemical Collectors Manufacturers in India are flourishing our business day by day. Cyclone & Multicyclone :- This type of Chemical collectors are used for the heavy Chemical loading applications. We have designed the multi cyclone for the higher efficiency. These types of Chemical collectors are have low maintenance and running cost. Collectors and Scrubbers :- The Eshan make wet collectors and scrubbers have higher efficiency to remove Chemical particles, Toxic gases, fumes from the air stream. These systems are widely used in the field of chemical, food and pharmaceutical inChemicalries. All Chemical collectors are available with Rotary Air Lock Valve to collect the Chemical.