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Centrifuse Machine

Bottom Discharge type of Centrifuge is the basic type of Centrifuge almost like Top Discharge centrifuge for solid liquid separation.
It contains Basket which is dynamically balanced in which a filter bag is placed which retains the solid within the Basket.
The arrangement for the discharge of the solid cake is provided at the bottom which is done manually. It is quick discharge thereby
saves on time and labour. It is a three point suspension under driven centrifuge.
The main parts of the Centrifuge are Bearing and Shaft, Basket, Drive and Brake
The Heavy duty bearing is choosed to withstand vibratory load and centrifugal forces duly fitted in bearing housing . The bearing
housing is so designed and filled with grease ensuring long maintenance free performance. The shaft is made up of suitable material
and duly balanced independently without the basket for higher accuracy.
The basket is made up of adequate thickness so as to withstand the loads caused by the centrifugal forces developed by material in
the basket. It is perforated and duly balanced. The basket bottom is made up of Mild Steel and lined at the inner surface by Rubber or
SS as required.
The drive consists of Motor mounted at the basket casing driven through V belt with provision of the tensioning the belts.
The Centrifuges are fitted with Mechanical Clutch pulley at the motor shaft.
The Centrifuge are fitted with external shoe brakes with brake liners. The brakes are heavy duty type designed to bring loaded .
basket to stop quickly.
The Centrifuge Material of Construction is Stainless Steel and Rubber lined.